Glant Glant

From the beginning, the Glant line has focused on texture and color. Being from the Northwest, Gary is constantly surrounded by texture. Over the years, he has been able to express his design sense and inspiration throughout the collection so that he has never had to narrowly define Glant. “What I find most exciting is the challenge of regularly enhancing the range while maintaining a common thread, so that designers can mix previous and current collections, integrating textiles that are not traditionally combined, creating new, contemporary interiors.”

“I have always let the fabrics speak for themselves. It has also been valuable to be in the Northwest, isolated from this industry that is mainly centered in New York. I think this is one reason why we have been able to stay fresh and innovative. The beauty of the Northwest combined with the beauty of Northern Italy, where we own our own production and where Glant manufactures its textiles, inspires me, Adam, and the Glant design team, to create original collections from a consistent and innovative point of view.”

Ideas and vision come from everywhere. Everything, from the beauty of the natural world to the environment in which one lives, permeates and influences Glant’s work. Following a trip to Hawaii in Glant Textiles’ initial years, Gary created a texture based on lava that was featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  Work and life are inseparable, each integral to the continuum and cohesiveness that distinguishes Glant Textiles. Gary has an incessant appetite for design and has built a company that thrives on vital and refined creativity. He is always defining the balance between beauty, scale and originality, continually striving to design both ahead of and to the industry. His standards are uncompromising, and he always challenges himself to reinvigorate the design process. Each new collection confirms the importance of offering something that is part of life and culture and that brings joy and inspiration to others.