Autumn 2018

Japan is a country to be appreciated on so many levels … art, culture, nature, fashion, design, cuisine, poetry and literature.

Glant’s Autumn 2018 Collection is an amalgamation derived from countless experiences and observations from visits to this magical land.

What is fascinating and inspiring about the Japanese aesthetic is that it is based on ancient ideals that view and appreciate nature and art, as well as objects and fashion, through a lens of WABI (ephemeral and stark beauty), SABI (the beauty of natural patina and aging) and YUGEN (profound grace and subtlety).  These ideals, among others, are a significant part of the foundation of Japanese culture and aesthetic criteria determining what is accepted to be tasteful and beautiful.  While seen in the Western world as a philosophy, aesthetics in Japan are seen as an integral part of daily life.

Tokyo is a perfect example of the Japanese aesthetic as it has evolved to modern day living.  The architecture, fashion and design are evident around every corner throughout the varied commercial and residential districts, each with its own unique presence.

Autumn 2018 examines the impressions realized from experiencing these districts.  Textures are innovative and refined; colorations are neutral and understated. A sense of grace and stark beauty combined with subtlety and complexity are evident throughout the collection.

We hope you share our enthusiasm and will find inspiration in Glant’s newest introductions.