Boucle Lookbook

Boucle, a French word for buckled and curled, is the name given to textured and nubby yarn made from a core yarn that has looped and curled fiber twisted around it in various thicknesses to create the desired degree and effect of nubbiness. Boucle is also the name of the category of textures created from this type of yarn.

Glant has been producing a continuous offering of the design world’s most luxurious and beautiful boucles since the mid Seventies when the Glant Collection made its debut. Since the mid Fifties, the Glant owned mill in Bergamo, Italy, began creating boucles for high-end Italian furniture manufacturers, a period that began then and is now referred to as Italian Modern. Glant’s mill was at the center of this exciting and historic movement.

Glant’s boucles are offered in a wide range of nubbiness, fiber, and color. Within this range are many timeless boucle constructions introduced throughout Glant’s history and new textures within the boucle category continue to be a part of many of Glant’s latest and ongoing collections.

We hope you enjoy the Glant Boucle Lookbook!