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  • Glanted Worsted Sheer 9645/Sand 02

  • Couture Bouclette Sheer N. 9 9822/Pale Saltwater 03

  • Couture Linen Sheer N. 7 9781/White 01

  • Glant Worsted Stripe 9748/Ivory 01

  • Couture Chevron Sheer N. 4

  • Glant Frosted Sheer 9570/ Pearl 01


The beauty and sophistication of sheers is Glant at its finest. This stunning collection offers an array of texture and color. From the finest worsted wools, linens, and silks to woven metal and high-tech fibers, Glant sheers are classic and contemporary, timeless and innovative. Glant’s constructions, with varying degrees of translucency and texture, refine any design setting, transforming windows and space into graceful, tranquil, and versatile interiors.