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  • Chicago Trevira CS 9718/Pale Saltwater 09

  • Glant Ribbed Trevira CS 9865/Bone 01

  • Chaine Trevira CS 9717/Moss 11

  • Couture Melange Trevira CS 9720/Beaver 05

  • Chaine Trevira CS 9717/Saltwater 08

  • Safari Trevira CS 9719/ Sunflower 03


The Glant Trevira Collection is like none other on the market. Designed and produced at Glant’s own mill in Northern Italy, the Trevira Collection combines the finest Trevira CS yarns spun to Glant’s specifications in order to create handsome constructions that are indistinguishable from their non-Trevira counterparts. Trevira, known for its permanent flame retardancy, easy care, high color brilliance and fastness to light, and high abrasion resistance, was originally used exclusively in the commercial context. However, due to the quality and aesthetic of Glant’s Trevira Collection and its inherent properties ideal for active lifestyles, Glant Trevira is often found in high-end residential, as well as commercial installations.