Autumn 2017

GLANT AUTUMN 2017 speaks to the compelling interplay of nature and architecture. Cities are situated in varying natural landscapes and this interaction allows for inspired architecture to harmoniously and creatively coexist with its unique geography, leaving indelible impressions of edifice and scape. Textures and colors designed to evoke a sense of these impressions is Glant Autumn 2017.

From BERGEN, spectacularly situated high above the rugged fjords of Norway, to MONTECITO with its cool Mediterranean climate in California’s Santa Barbara County, hugging the Pacific Ocean, to PALERMO, Sicily’s vibrant coastal metropolis on the Mediterranean, to PAVIA on the fertile and sweeping plains of Italy’s north, to SORRENTO, a Neopolitan gem on Italy’s southern Sea of Naples, to SQUAW VALLEY in California’s majestic Sierra Nevada, west of Lake Tahoe, the Autumn collection highlights textures and colors reminiscent of their namesakes.

Heathered to suggest colorations from Autumn’s elegant filtered light, the palette for Autumn 2017 features soft and medium hues of bone, taupe, platinum, gray, camel, reed, rose, green and blue.