GLANT Trevira is like none other on the market. Designed and produced at GLANT’s own mill in Northern Italy, the Trevira Collection combines the finest Trevira CS yarns spun to GLANT’s specifications in order to create handsome constructions that are indistinguishable from their non-Trevira counterparts. Trevira, known for its permanent flame retardancy, easy care, high color brilliance, fastness to light, and high abrasion resistance, is ideal for active lifestyles, and is often found in high-end residential, as well as commercial installations.

Spring 2022

Glant Spring 2022 celebrates, through innovative texture and color, three of our favorite and often visited countries of Japan, Italy, and France.

Whether a new construction or a new coloration, this luscious collection ties together, through shared and/or complimentary color, an appealing array of choices from which to create exceptional interiors. We are delighted to imagine the countless ways in which these newest of Glant’s extensive range will be interpreted in the creative hands and minds of the skilled and highly regarded designers with whom we have the privilege of working.


GLANT recognized the beauty and applicability of chenille more than forty years ago in the mid-Seventies and began producing this quality in its Northern Italian mill. Long recognized as the industry’s gold standard and leader in the chenille upholstery category.


Since the mid Fifties, the Glant owned mill in Bergamo, Italy, began creating boucles for high-end Italian furniture manufacturers, a period began then and is now referred to as Italian Modern. Glant’s mill was at the center of this exciting and historic movement.

Porta Via

Beautifully designed and compellingly priced Glant’s Porta Via Collection offers lower profile fabrics in a subtley nuanced and wide-ranging array of colors and textures.

Autumn 2021

Glant is delighted to be rolling out some of many new and exciting creations in Autumn 2021. More will follow as months and upcoming seasons unfold.

In this newest collection, in addition to other introductions, we are beyond enthusiastic to introduce a performance category to Glant’s exceptional Porta Via Collection. PORTA VIA PERFORMANCE is achieved with an immersion process through the entire thickness of the fabric which results in an improved overall performance and essentially a permanent stain repellency.