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Glant Textiles are renowned for their exceptional beauty, craftsmanship, quality and performance.

Contemporary Design

46 Years In The Making

Glant Textiles is the creation of Gary Glant, who grew up surrounded by beautiful design. His childhood home, on the shore of Seattle’s Lake Washington, was filled with the work of Jack Lenor Larsen and other legendary names in design. When he is not traveling the four corners of the world, he lives in Seattle, where he founded Glant Textiles in 1976.

After a childhood dedicated to painting, music and other artistic pursuits, Gary studied architecture and international business at the University of Washington. In 1973, after opening a successful chain of contemporary fabric and design stores in the Pacific Northwest, Gary went to Finland to design his own architecturally inspired line of textiles. He presented these fabrics to Kneedler-Fauchere, the preeminent furnishings showroom group that was responsible for discovering talents such as Jack Larsen, Angelo Donghia and Robin Roberts of Clarence House. Kneedler-Fauchere immediately offered to represent the Glant collection. Celebrated interior designer Michael Taylor saw Gary’s constructions as they were being unpacked and selected one for the Jennifer Jones and Norton Simon home. Three months later, the house was featured on the cover of House and Garden and the Glant Textiles collection was launched. With the addition of Gary Glant’s son, Adam, in 2011, Glant Textiles has solidified its identity as a multi-generational textile house.

Gary & Adam Glant in Glant Textiles
Gary & Adam Glant

Gary Glant

From the beginning, the Glant line has focused on texture and color. Being from the Northwest, Gary is constantly surrounded by texture. Over the years, he has been able to express his design sense and inspiration throughout the collection so that he has never had to narrowly define Glant. “What I find most exciting is the challenge of regularly enhancing the range while maintaining a common thread, so that designers can mix previous and current collections, integrating textiles that are not traditionally combined, creating new, contemporary interiors.”

Ideas and vision come from everywhere. Everything, from the beauty of the natural world to the environment in which one lives, permeates and influences Glant’s work. Following a trip to Hawaii in Glant Textiles’ initial years, Gary created a texture based on lava that was featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Work and life are inseparable, each integral to the continuum and cohesiveness that distinguishes Glant Textiles. Gary has an incessant appetite for design and has built a company that thrives on vital and refined creativity. He is always defining the balance between beauty, scale and originality, continually striving to design both ahead of and to the industry. His standards are uncompromising, and he always challenges himself to reinvigorate the design process. Each new collection confirms the importance of offering something that is part of life and culture and that brings joy and inspiration to others.

“I have always let the fabrics speak for themselves. It has also been valuable to be in the Northwest, isolated from this industry that is mainly centered in New York. I think this is one reason why we have been able to stay fresh and innovative. The beauty of the Northwest combined with the beauty of Northern Italy, where we own our own production and where Glant manufactures its textiles, inspires me, Adam, and the Glant design team, to create original collections from a consistent and innovative point of view.”

Gary Glant Headshot
Adam Glant Headshot

adam Glant

Adam Glant was raised in and around the industry of textile design. His first two jobs were working in textile mills in France and Italy during high school, learning about textile design and construction. He earned his undergraduate degree in international relations from the University of Pennsylvania and later graduated from the University of Washington School of Law. Prior to his transition to Glant Textiles, Adam was a corporate attorney at Perkins Coie in Seattle, where his work focused on mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, and international business transactions. During his time at the law firm, Adam managed to find time to visit the family mill in Italy in order to assist in corporate governance, business development, and design. Adam joined Glant in an official capacity in the fall of 2011.

In 2019, Adam launched “Adam Glant,” a new luxury brand of high-end bags based on a tradition of quality, style, and sophistication.  Adam Glant is a division of Glant Textiles, where Adam continues to serve as President.  Adam Glant bags feature a combination of Glant Textiles fabric and leather, capitalizing on the breadth of fabrics Glant has at their disposal, and focuses on sophisticated, fresh, yet timeless design.

the glant collection

Today, the initial collection has grown to include approximately 2,000 selections and Glant Textiles is an international leader in texture and color. Highly prized for their exceptional quality and spectacular range of contemporary and high-tech constructions, Glant textiles are found in the most discriminating and beautifully designed international installations, including homes, hotels, restaurants, private aircraft and yachts.

"We design our fabrics as if they are their own pieces of art. You can see the intricacy and the craftsmanship in each one." -Adam Glant


With its own production in Northern Italy, Glant Textiles is able to develop and create the finest furnishing textiles on the world market. Situated in Bergamo, one of the most picturesque cities in Italy, located in the Province of Lombardia, the Glant mill produces plain and jacquard furnishing fabrics in cotton, linen, silk, viscose, pure wool, trevira, and acrylic suitable for high-end residential and commercial use, including handsome ranges of outdoor and flame retardant Trevira CS. Skilled artisans work on the looms in order to create finished product that performs beautifully and is essentially hand-made.


Glant Textiles, based in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States with its natural splendor, has long drawn inspiration from nature and the natural world, and believes and is committed to preserving the environment to the best of our abilities. Glant is committed to producing minimal impact on the environment and to prioritizing this wherever possible.

To that end, Glant is committed to designing and manufacturing textiles that perform and are meant to last, so as to reduce material usage and waste. Additionally, wherever possible, Glant does not add chemicals for backing, finishing, or treatments. Glant endeavors to use as little chemistry as possible and to produce fabrics which are intended to last without additional performance enhancing finishes whenever possible.

Owning our own production in Northern Italy, allows us to monitor the production of the majority of our textiles, and prioritize minimal waste in materials. Yarns do not go unused and excess yarns are repurposed for research and development.

As a boutique company and textile house, when sourcing production outside of our own mill, we partner with bespoke suppliers, including textile mills, yarn spinners, and dyers, many of which are small, generations old operations and do not have the resources to conduct extensive analysis and testing necessary for product transparency documentation even when they are employing environmentally responsible practices.

We, at Glant, wholeheartedly believe in environmental responsibility, as we have since our inception in 1976.

Glant in the PNW