Glant Spring 2022 celebrates, through innovative texture and color, three of our favorite and often visited countries of Japan, Italy, and France.

Japanese design is seductive and evocative, bringing to mind past and contemporary reverence the country holds toward nature and tradition. Italian design exudes creativity in its display of quintessentially Italian Sprezzatura, or effortless style. And lastly, French design is sultry and incorporates a rich palette intended to arouse feelings of mystery and romance, often the backdrop of one’s experience involving the many layers of life and existence found in its magnificent capital, Paris.

Whether a new construction or a new coloration, this luscious collection ties together, through shared and/or complimentary color, an appealing array of choices from which to create exceptional interiors. We are delighted to imagine the countless ways in which these newest of Glant’s extensive range will be interpreted in the creative hands and minds of the skilled and highly regarded designers with whom we have the privilege of working.

Timeless and Tactile Design

The Glant collection is carefully designed: individual components coordinate effortlessly providing an extraordinary level of choice and sophistication for any environment and decorating style from rich to understated, classic to contemporary, refined to relaxed. The designs are inspired by colors and textures found the world over, from the company headquarters in the Pacific Northwest to Bergamo in Northern Italy, where Glant’s textures are produced by skilled artisans creating finished product that performs beautifully and is essentially hand-made.
table for four with candlesticks, chandelier above, cushioned chairs around, and artwork on the walls
lady with Glant bag
man with Glant bag


But make it fashion

The perfect companion for any urban aesthete with a sense of wanderlust, a love of design, and an appreciation for individualized style, the fabric for each Adam Glant bag comes from Glant Textiles.