As we approach Spring 2020 and consider that it was a mere blink ago that the millennium turned, it is important to realize the effect that such a fast-paced world has on all of us and how we at GLANT, through textural design, can provide the tools for creative and thoughtful designers to realize handsome, chic, tranquil, cozy and comfortable interiors.

Through this lens, GLANT crafted a beautiful collection that was introduced in Autumn 2019, a short sixteen months ago and through that same lens Spring 2020 continues to deliver wonderful new textures that are both, and at once, inviting and sophisticated.

Drawing upon a palette of warm and soothing colorations, both hues inspired by nature and neutral, Spring 2020 offers up wonderful bones, beiges, umbers, taupes, ochres, cinnamons, hemlocks and navy and sky blues in natural fibers of cotton and linen. Boucles and Chenilles are the primary and tactile yarns chosen to highlight these innovative and luxurious constructions.

Soothing and inviting Outdoor textures are designed for open and covered outdoor as well as for indoor use.

We at GLANT spend a great deal of time focused on design at our Italian mill in one of Italy’s most charming medieval walled cities, Bergamo. It is our wish that our newest creations join our existing Glant collection in an inspiring way so as to bring you handsome new offerings to delight and satisfy your clients’ needs.